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owned this old san francisco creamery for nearly eight years. despite the economy is not made to make changes for the prices in two years. >> right now they are eating out more. and if they want something fast, casual. and something that is probably not going to hit them in the pocketbook that hard. >> the research bureau of statistics saying that there has been an average of 21,000 new jobs each month at food and drinking establishments. that accounts for 85% of the employment gains in the hospitality industry st. >> are you going to be hiring? >> yes. >> because we're getting to a were busier season we could hire a few more staff members. >> the summer was slow but recently more and more are dining... business people are -- going out to eat. >> this positive trend. there is more splurge. they wine. -- more expensive bottles the weekend. however, more restaurants are slated to open it that the outlook is improving. >>jacqueline: some clouds but all types of clouds. however, some of varied systems towards the increase with even a rain chance is on monday. first, the events this weeken
be a good indicator of the economy. >> if you are going to watch the blue angels the weather should be cooperative. more of your fleet week forecast and for the weekend festivities coming up. >>pam: our top stories of lafayette police have arrested a volleyball coach for sexual misconduct. this coach was taken into custody after allegations that he was having an appropriate relationships with a female student. he is bas placed on administrative leave. >> an officer involved shooting in hayward leaving one man dead. he is accused of stealing a car. he did not put his hands up he instead reached for a weapon and officers fired. the have not identified the weapon that was used. >> with a ton of items with fighter jets flying above as the blue angels have the big show for fleet week. and the bluegrass festival kicked off today at golden gate park. it is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of people. the big topic on the campaign trial is the new jobs report. the unemployment rate fell at 7.8%. however, the president and the candidate are making very takes catherine heenan has more.
the handling of the academy. i spoke to >> he has failed and the economy, and foreign policy and the security of our borders. there are so many waysi live, richie kumar, kron4 >> this overview landing at s f o. he attended an afternoon fund raiser at the inter-continental. that is on howard street in san francisco. as we just saw, reggie kumar is there. president obama is there. at the bill graham civic auditorium with streets closed. mcalester street, polk, st. closed. president obama will fly out tomorrow morning. the presidential motorcade could really impact morning traffic. >>pam: the latest for the retired schoolteacher murder. hercules are holding a candlelight vigil. her husband called a neighbor on friday night when she did not show up to the airport in hercules. let me show you in the distance the candlelight vigil and flowers that have been left. this is in the memory of the woman that has been murdered. a difficult time. as you can see this video there are family, friends that have set up these candles. there are flowers out here in memory. i spoke with these people and even the p
should give us some encouragement. it should not be an excuse for the other side to talk down the economy. they should not be tried to adjust for political points. good news but not big a deal one way or another. it just indicates that we are moving in the right direction but very slow. the next debate will be october the 16th in new york. joe biden will have his debate on october the 11th. >> we are getting new detail about president obama as next trip to the ss 0. he will be attending a fund- raiser. this will be on monday october the eighth period music musician john legend will be heading this scene. the tickets are a hundred bucks or about 75 bucks. this show will be from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.. >> in international news the deadly meningitis. there stating that pain shots that were given for back pain may have been contaminated. five deaths have been related to this. there is fear that as many as 23 states cut have been exposed. the fda has stated that salmonella has been found in a nut butter that has been made at trader joe's. they have expanded the recall to remove all of them. sa
presidential debate. both sides are debating on how to handle the economy. >> the death toll continues with the meningitis outbreak. the cdc said in a seven the people of died. and or cases in 10 different states this has been linked to steroid injections. health officials say 75 medical facilities in the united states and four of these are in california received contaminated products. the plant has been voluntarily shut down were these inoculations for made. >> the mars curiosity. it will pick up a portion of the terrain of the planet mars. . fem mars curiosity will explore the terrain with a chemical testing taking place. >> this is the dragon during a test flight. this is scheduled to send a capsule to the orbiting lab tomorrow night. and the first of 12 district under a $12.6 billion contract with nasa. this will be for most of october. and with an experimental samples and old equipment. from are returning to wearth returning to -- earth. with samples. >> chilly. done and-coming up with handcrafted beer [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her
of the bureau. it is a larger economy for the euro. >> here is a look at the bay bridge. mostly clear skies but high clouds. those high clouds are making its way to the weather system that are offshore. and making some changes with the form of cooler temperatures. additional cloud coverage and the chance for showers. right now, temperatures are in the 50s. and more mild in redwood city. san jose and futurecast. looking at clouds that weather system is finally getting closer to the west coast. by tomorrow we will see some showers but those are sting to the north of ukiah. for tuesday, they will be sitting to the north on ukiah. notice, that rainfall will be offered shore. and towards the central coast and eventually out of california we could see some straight, spotty showers on tuesday. perhaps even on wednesday with a stray showers. finally pressing out on thursday. temperatures will be cooler with 60s, 70's. san jose, santa clara, 69. look for 60s and low 70's for the east bay. the warmer areas will be in los 70's, antioch. mid 60s near the bay. san francisco will be just in the upper 50s
to help farmers the poultry was on his mind within a to-feet friday as as accusing to follow the economy. >> and where he is going to save big bird? [laughter] i actually think that we need a president that will save our jobs, future. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> it was a direct response. >> mitt romney knows that it is not you you have to worry about it is sesame street. >> the by the perceived to victory of a national punch line. by taking one of the most memorable moments. >> i'm going to stop pbs because i love pbs and i even like you. pemmican of the gop put this on his signs they dressed up. -- and they say that they are trying to make a point guard slashing funding of the pbs fund will do very little to impact the deficit. >> somebody is finally getting tough on big bird. and maybe elbomo is also at risk lot >> we are not showing any campaign ads and they're asking for these to be taken down the republicans are calling this a big bird backfire. >> i think that it is troubling that the president's focus 28 days away is a big bird. >> they say that this is surprising and senator all
ground states with virginia and >> he laid out our five point plan to get this economy going. the other candid it attacked. americans are looking for answers, not a tax. >> the american public could likely expect these to continue. they are looking for answers, not a taand personal attacks. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. vanha th shuttle endeavor is slowly making its way across los angeles. it is removed along city streets. to the california science center. charles clifford has the details. >> the space shuttle endeavor has a 70 ft. wingspan. and is over 170,000 lbs.. it is moving very slowly across los angeles to meet this special transport device. and in order to accommodate this size, they have been taking down power poles and even powering down power pole was to make this safe passage. this has been at lax and left around 2:00 a.m. friday morning had only to m.p.h. the endeavour cruising through manchester boulevard and just after 4:00 p.m. it stopped h
to know that it is going to cost you more. the big weekend proved to be a huge one for the local economy. hundreds of thousands of people enjoying the clear skies. in joining the fleet week activities. and the big draws between besides the fleet week was of course the street festival. and the festival and golden gate park. a lot of businesses and charities came out. restaurant tables were packed. just about every corner of the city sought a huge revenue. >> we are getting a huge ridership with over 319,000 on sat... purchasing tickets. and sunday is also expected to also be huge. great news. >> 60% of our passengers pay there is a huge rider ship. it benefits everybody. >> a lot of money was also, president obama is expected to attend a fund-raiser. with alex smith, john legend and others set to perform. tickets as much as $7,500. >> taking a look at these cincinnati reds. baumgartner struck out and he retired the first drawe14. and this single had to the center fielder making it for-nothing. madison baumgartner only gave up seven hits. there is tam lincecum he is not going to be a start
the economy--china's recession is one of the reasons for the decline. we are waiting for jerry >> one hollywood marriage begins as another in san and hbo star as a of a project to her list. >> jack osborn if lisa stella became mr. and mrs. in a hawaiian wedding ceremony. according to hello magazine the former realities car chase while 48 friends and family members. the to welcome their first sex and everything to eating with her trademark wit. >> it is 4: 56 let's get a quick look at storm trochophore we do have temperatures today that will be on the mild side as you concede about 75 in endicott. everywhere else will be cooler than that. and glancing at the radar on star tracker for where we do have some moisture offshore, to we did that is a good question pyriform now the chances about 20% at the meeting later today. election of african up bay that time for you. still ahead on the news we will update you on gas prices they continue to store around the bay area and throughout the state you may be surprised how much i+ by the numbers to have that for you. president obama still in the b
in response to the global crisis helps the u.s. economy to grow at a pace better than there was reason to expect. bilbao a ministration the strike resolved by the end of the year the impasse between congress that threatens to impose this fiscal clip that folks have in talking about. those are those tax increases and deep spending cuts that are on the table. if both size and reach an agreement as an the fiscal cliff will happen. >> san jose based ebay had encouraged her is just to browse to collect items they may want to buy later with something that is calling the feed. the feature is reminiscent sites like interes--choppers can edit their feet by adding or removing categories in individual items the company is also launching a smart phone and have a computer at colicky may now. >> hale made his way into the bay. yesterday. it will show you the pictures from south bay in just one minute 0ñ@Ñ >> hale! stormy weather is the information from stormy hill other areas in the south bay also reported seeing hale in the area. hale was the size of one half inch to invention diameter falling ar
the economy grows with the middle class came through i'm really proud of him. >> a.c. poll showed voters narrowly favored ride up the ties. . >> also this morning we're following the latest out of southern california where the space shuttle endeavor is slowly making its way through the streets of los angeles to its new home in the california science center. it is a 12 mi. journey with this shuttle on a crawler is what they have anstructed. this is a heavy >> here is stanley roberts with some people behaving badly. i can't tell you what this is but i can tell you where i founded it was here in concord. from a distance it looks like any other march however it is far from it. when you walk into the marsh you will see a stark difference. there is a homeless encampment along the creek. this watershed is part of the contra costa water district. if you look around you will see lots of trash some on land but the disturbing part there's trash the water. you are looking at a demand made damned inside the creek and here the bridge made of wood season the water will rise and all the trash will be wa
were hookah chavez -- wh jugo is looking to look for a larger role in the economy and continued to form an our alliance. observers say that if he loses there could be changes in foreign policy. with loosening up state controls and private investment. >> which you pay one-quarter of $1 million for this tiny apartment? a surprisingly big price tag. when kron 4 news continues welcome back. we will see cooler temperatures tomorrow. we do have a chance for showers. with a dry out and the warm up. the futurecast shown that we are still dealing with 50s. the afternoon highs will see 70's indicated by the yellow. put into a cool down to 50s by 8:00 p.m. sticking with the afternoon highs we will see see plenty of sunshine. '70s in cupertino, sunnyvale milpitas and a bit warmer in walnut creek. antioch, 74 through livermore. danville, martinez. 66 degrees in oakland. 65 degrees in alameda. and as we see temperatures in the coast we could see 50s in ocean beach. '70s in palo alto, redwood city. and low 70's expected for santa rosa. 70's through pat tillman, novado. and 70's in napa. as we take a l
is expected to stick to his script to promoting a better economy and more jobs if he is elected president. >> new poll shows run the has a small lead over president obama. most polls present voting for president obama. 50--47 percent are supporting romney. the poll was conducted after last week's presidential the date. there's a wide gender gap. romney leaves among men and present obama leads among female voters. we will be showing the update-- among female voters. we will be showing the update-- debate [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and s
is blanketing battleground states. >> he laid it down or five point plan to get this economy going. and the other candidate just attacked. the american people are looking for answers, not a tax. >> however in this tightening race the american public can expect this to keep on coming. kron 4. >>catherine: our political analyst, michael yaki is here and you think that this changed the game? >> certainly for the democrats you have basically people that can watch the debate and fight for a guy that was good for joe biden. he came of feisty, aggressive and energetic. and where the possibility of the can of the trial lost its luster. this could have been a bit of a comeback. >> there is showing that some of these are undecided for who? >> this cnn poll of undecided polls. with 55 percent over all right and i think that, with the percentage that you see today are republicans attacking the moderator. and making fun of joe biden not so much as much as the pending paul ryan. i think there is some concern from a pro against that joe biden did have victory. however, the issue of choice came on
francisco creamery for nearly eight years. despite the economy is not made to make changes for the prices in two years. >> right now they are eating out more. and if they want something fast, casual. and something that is probably not going to hit them in the pocketbook that hard. >> the research bureau of statistics saying that there has been an average of 21,000 new jobs each month at food and drinking establishments. that accounts for 85% of the employment gains in the hospitality industry st. >> are you going to be hiring? >> yes. >> because we're getting to a were busier season we could hire a few more staff members. >> the summer was slow but recently more and more dining... business people are -- going out to eat. >> this positive trend. there is more splurge. they are going out and looking at morse expensive bottles of wine. -- more expensive bottles the weekend. however, more restaurants are slated to open it that the outlook is improving. >> still had factories the workers are on strike in china. that produced the iphone 5. >> still overcast but that should burn away taking a lo
of the economy and social policies. ryan will be rallying in ohio today and the vice president will be speaking to voters to the university of wisconsin. michael your key will be talking about the debate and we will do to move forward next. >> we will have that coming up as a kron4 news continues. also the san jose police investigate and homicide. the bay bridge hotspot accident is cleared but the traffic is really back up this morning. we will have the latest on the drive times coming up. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. that statistic was completely misleading. this what politicians do the from voting for you. . >> wow! it was a lively debate as opposed to the presidential debate the first one the two candidates for vice president joe biden and far right in going at it. our political analyst is here to talk about it. obama was c c i think it got the point
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17